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We are ADS Insight, an independent, B Corp certified, EU public affairs consultancy with more than 20 years of experience. We have two complementary business strands that 1) bridge the business and policy interface and 2) bridge the science and policy interface. As facilitators of dialogue, we offer EU policy advisory and government relations services, including support on EU funding applications. We are also organisers of events and large science-based congresses.

We are a boutique consultancy, meaning we operate as a small family-like business with strong values and a commitment to work alongside organisations who think like we do.
A boutique consultancy
Our job, geared towards Advocacy, Dialogue and Sustainability (A-D-S), is to help companies and organisations understand EU regulations that affect their activities. We help them contribute to the processes that shape those regulations, and improve legislation so that sustainable policies are created to protect people, the planet and global economic prosperity. We strive towards laying strong foundations for today, and for the future.
Sustainability is at the core of all our activities
Founded in 2001, ADS Insight is headquartered in the heart of Brussels with regional offices in Germany, Sweden, and Poland. Our international, multilingual team are experts in sectors such as health, one health approach, circular economy, transport, energy, digital and education.
An international company headquartered in Brussels
ADS Insight is proud to be a certified B Corporation since September 2022. B is for Benefit in the sense of having a beneficial impact. As a Benefit Corporation, we prioritise purpose over profit. This is written into our company statutes and our activities have been audited by B Lab in four key areas: Social, Environmental, Corporate Governance and Legal. In all these four areas, we are obliged, and committed to upholding B Corp standards, to demonstrate impact and show continuous improvement year on year.
BCorp Journey

What we do

If you have activities in the European Union, then EU policies concern you. EU policies are the most advanced in the world. Many stem from international UN conventions, but the EU often goes beyond international regulations and creates new, more ambitious standards. We advise you on what’s coming up and what to expect, and help you navigate the “EU bubble”.


  • Building networks in Brussels and in EU Member States
  • Monitoring of existing and upcoming EU policies and legislation
  • Analysing EU policy
  • Client positioning on sustainability performance and communications
  • Identifying opportunities and risks in EU policies
  • Facilitating and advancing meaningful dialogue between private and public entities
  • Managing and implementing EU and national advocacy and lobby campaigns
  • Producing strategic recommendations and guidelines
  • Securing visibility and speaking opportunities in EU events

  • Producing studies and research reports on a variety of topics in our fields of expertise (health, energy, transport, education, circular economy).

Delivering tailor-made Masterclasses in:

  • How the EU works
  • How to develop successful awareness-raising campaigns
  • SDG Storytelling and sustainability communications
  • Coaching and empowering sustainability leaders
  • Social entrepreneurship and how to become one

  • Setting-up and managing (scientific) programme committees, calls for abstracts, logistics, and delivery - also in virtual or hybrid format
  • Producing webinars and podcasts
  • Outlining, advising and implementing awareness campaigns, exhibitions, conferences on-site in the European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, or in partnership with the European Commission or Member State Permanent Representations.

  • Provision of meeting rooms and serviced office spaces in the heart of the EU Quarters in Brussels (roundabout Schuman).

ADS Insight is registered on the EU Transparency Register (02762144321-07), a database which lists organisations active in the law-making and policy implementation process of the EU institutions.

We are bound by a common Code of Conduct .

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Driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a desire to have an impact into everything we do, ADS Insight regularly carries out pro-bono work, volunteering and supports organisations in which we believe.

The protection of wildlife against the consequences of oil spills and pollution, mentoring of social entrepreneurs in their sustainable business practices, promotion of local artists through our annual Vernissage - these are a few examples of our engagement.

ADS Insight through the years
Take a look at the story of ADS Insight since its foundation in 2001 and read about our journey from the early years, through to today.
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